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Goldminer ARRS™ was conceived, designed, developed, is published, managed and maintained and its content is produced in its entirety by William Herring, MD, FACR.  Dr. Herring is the Vice-Chairman and Radiology Residency Program Director at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has been the Radiology Residency Program Director for over 25 years. 

All material on the site, except for the Faculty lectures by other members of the staff at Einstein, was produced by Dr. Herring. Started in June of 2002, the site was originally intended to replace the handout notes that accompanied lectures for the residents and medical students at Einstein Medical Center. It now contains over 20,000 pages of content, and has grown in popularity so that currently nine thousand unique visitors access the site every day. Visitors access over 23 million pages of content every year.
The site has been, and continues to be, free to use. It requires no registration, no sign-in, no fee and is commercial-free. 

Liebermans eRadiology 
Copyright 2003-2008 Gillian Lieberman, MD all rights reserved

Lieberman's Primary Care RadiologyThese 10 curricula cover the Assessment of Abdominal Pain, Chest Pain, Low Back Pain, Hematuria, Breast Imaging, Male Imaging, Complications from Smoking, Diabetes, AIDS and the Menu of Radiologic Tests. The integrated curricula provide "one stop shopping" for learning optimal patient assessment, workup, staging, treatment and prognosis for many common Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Primary care patient problems. Interactive case based problems are presented as well as didactic notes. The Q and A format of the cases give the user a chance to make recommendations for patient workups, make findings on images, suggest diagnoses and patient treatment. The discussion notes cover both Radiologic imaging aspects and Clinical diagnosis, course and treatment aspects. Numerous images and image galleries allow the user to learn the characteristic appearance of many abnormalities on Plain Films, CT, US, MRI, Nuclear scans. These curricula are for medical students, residents, and referring physicians. 

Lieberman's Interactive Tutorials in Radiology These tutorials teach medical students and radiology residents basic and more advanced Radiologic imaging including CT, US, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. Anatomy, the current Menu of Radiologic tests utilized, a detailed approach to evaluating images, and the typical Radiologic presentation of many abnormalities with their differentials are emphasized. The tutorials are voiced over.

Lieberman's Classics Collection is a compendium of images demonstrating the classic radiological findings of a multitude of abnormalities. Unlabeled images are presented followed by labeled images and key teaching points. These may be searched by typing in the case of your choice or, alternatively, they may be accessed sequentially grouped by anatomy and pathology. Their intended use is for medical students on clinical rotations and for interns and residents as a quick resource during daily patient rounds.

This learning lab has over 450 mini seminar presentations on Cardiac, Respiratory, GI, GU, Musculoskeletal, and CNS topics. These are prepared by Harvard medical students in collaboration with Dr. Gillian Lieberman. They are detailed and cover both Radiologic and Clinical aspects. The intended use is for medical students, residents, and staff.

Radiologic imaging allows for the evaluation of "Living Anatomy." This growing set of mini seminars currently contains an MRI atlas of the abdomen and a tutorial on chest anatomy.

MedU  is a growing compendium of online educational programs—including over 150 continually updated virtual patient cases, teaching resources and assessment tools. An opportunity to engage in innovation and research to maximize learning effectiveness. A virtual forum for fostering teaching, learning, scholarship, and creativity among educators and students in the health care professions at 150 institutions.

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Radiology for Medical Students 


Radiology masterclass  aims to provide world class educational services. Although designed with UK medical students and junior doctors in mind, Radiology Masterclass now reaches a broad range of health care professionals worldwide. The initial aim is to offer educational material which at least covers the undergraduate medical imaging curriculum as specified by the Royal College of Radiologists, London, UK. Radiology Masterclass pledges only to publish material which is deemed to be of the highest quality. We believe that this commitment to quality of educational material is the reason for the ongoing success of the site... weiter

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