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University Publisher 3.0 is a company, providing global teaching and learning services at the highest level of clinical evidence. A huge network of acknowledged international medical teachers is ready to shape your dedicated package of teaching and learning of health professionals.

By the integration of most developed teaching methods and tools, we are able to offer courses with personal and online presence, supported by the full spectrum of self-directed learning methods.

Health professionals can be educated by courses, making them familiar with the experience of experts, by direct contact with seminars or over live chat with case examples.

The direct learning process is supported by high quality print materials, e- books, APPs of our portfolio, or APPs produced specifically for your requirements

Medical doctors, all the other groups of health professionals, staff of IT and other services can take advantage of learning medicine.

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Radiology Channel

Chris Beaulieu

Learning Radiology

001    5 Radiographic densities     031    Radiation Injury imaging            
002    Silhouette Signs    032    Hand Trauma 
003    Orthogonal Signs     033    Umbilical Catheters  
004    Pulmonary Imaging     034    Foot Trauma I  
005    Chest Imaging DDX II     035    Foot Trauma II  
006    Salter-Harris-Classification   036    10 Imaging Cases 
007    Cardiac Imaging DDx   037    Sacroiliitis  
008    MSK Lateral Neck  038    Most Commons Musculoskeletal Imaging 
009    MSK Imaging DDx I   039    Osseous Metastatis Disease  
010    MSK Imaging DDx II    040    GI DDx l  
011    Cervical Spine Trauma  041    GI DDx ll  
012    Chest Imaging DDxI   042    Most Commons GI Imaging 
013    Chest Imaging DDx II    043    Chest Trauma  
014    Thoracolumbar Fracture/Disclocations   044    Knee Trauma I  
015    Most Commons Cardiac Imaging   045    Knee Trauma lI  
016    Wrist Trauma Imaging   046    Pediatric Imaging Flash Cards I 
017    10 Imaging Cases  047    Pediatric Imaging Flash Cards II  
018    Neonatal Lung Disease  048    Imaging Pitfalls  
019    Shoulder Disclocations    049    Pediatric Hip Dislocations  
020    Hip Fracture/Disclocations  050    30 Imaging Signs 
021    Most Commons Chest Imaging  051    30 Imaging Sings  
022    Pelvic Trauma I   052    MSK Soft Tissue Pathology Sings  
023    Pelvic Trauma II   053    100 Imaging Sings I  
024    Imaging Pitfalls   054    100 Imaging Sings II   
025    Most Commons GI Imaging  055    Sarcoidosis   
026    Soft Tissue Calcifications I     056    Forearm Fractures/Dislocations  
027    Soft Tissue Calcifications II     057    Elbow Fractures/Dislocations  
028    Aspirated and Ingested FB     058    50 Imaging Signs III   
029    10 More Great Cases  059    Most Commons Neurologic Imaging  
030    Aortic Arches   



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